The Workbook team

Daniel Mercer BSc (Hons)

Co-Founder, Lead Author of The Workbook

Daniel Mercer BSc (Hons) is an anatomist and graduate-entry medical student in the UK. Daniel has lectured preclinical anatomy and physiology to undergraduate/postgraduate medical students regularly for the past 7 years.  

He has taught anatomy and physiological correlates in grand rounds for trainee junior doctors, lectured basic science on a masters of ophthalmic nursing programme for The University of Manchester and taught seminars of neuro-ophthalmology for (scientific, nursing, ancillary) practitioners at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.  

He has been an Ophthalmic Science Practitioner, and Emergency Medical Dispatcher/Triager in the NHS for a total of three years, where he taught medical, nursing, optometry and vision science students in (medical, surgical) outpatient clinics. 

Daniel has written extensively for TeachMeAnatomy – where he is an editor of their anatomy content – and Kenhub.   He has four years of regular dissection experience, and holds a bachelor, with honours, in Anatomy and Human Biology from Liverpool Medical School.  

Jonathan Loomes-Vrdoljak BSc (Hons)

Co-Founder, Lead Editor of The Workbook website, Author of The Workbook

Nick Lowe RN, MNursSci

Lead Editor of The Workbook content

Nick Lowe (MNursSci) is a registered nurse and currently studies graduate-entry medicine at the University of Warwick. 

Nick studied nursing at the University of Nottingham graduating with a Masters of Nursing Science in 2017. During his training he experienced a wide range of specialities including ICU, surgery, acute medicine, community nursing and emergency medicine. Following his training he worked as a nurse in A&E at a major trauma centre in the Midlands prior to starting his medical training. 

Nick has a longstanding interest in teaching and medical education, which he was involved in both during his training and when practicing as a nurse. He looks to continue this during his medical training. 

David Tuffley BSc (Hons)

Lead of The Bank

David Tuffley BSc (Hons) is currently a graduate-entry medical student at the University of Warwick.

He graduated from the University of Bristol in 2017 having completed a degree in biology.

David continues to work as a Theatre Support Worker in the NHS alongside his studies. He has experienced working in numerous specialities but has primarily worked in trauma and orthopaedics.

David wants to pursue a career in anaesthetics and pre-hospital emergency medicine.

He is committed to making online medical education more accessible and currently works as lead author of the stem bank.

Contributing Authors, Editors 

David Tuffley BSc (Hons) – Biologist, GEM Student

Katrina Bogus BSc (Hons), MSc – Neuroscientist, GEM Student

Maria Prayle BSc (Hons) – Anatomist and Human Biologist, GEM Student

Joanne Rose BSc (Hons) – Medical Scientist, GEM Student


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